Ecover is a patient engagement platform that provides critical communication between medical professionals and their patients throughout the pre and postoperative process. The bedrock of our offerings begin with our five pillar approach; clinic-to-patient instant messaging (Web/iOS/Android), pre/post-op instructions, automated alerts (appointments/medicinal regimens), educational resources and social media integration. Throughout the entire patient lifecycle, we provide fillable patient forms and critical analytics to enhance the entire front office workflow.


Ecover was developed to provide comfort and peace of mind during the pre and post-op recovery period. Our platform provides easy access to direct communication, innovative aftercare tools, reminders and more. By enhancing communication methods, we free you, the physician, from answering noncritical patient calls and texts.

You should expect to see a decrease in post-op complications and an increase in patient satisfaction. Every medical practice will have individualized modules and branding, so users will feel like their needs are being met as effectively as being inside the office. For individual providers all the way up to large health systems we offer EHR integration for maximum convenience.

* Mobile version is for patients and desktop version is for medical practices

Real-time "Ask the doctor" chat feature

Allow clients access to critical information via instant messaging. 

Custom design for maximum brand awareness

We tailor each office's app to include robust offerings, while maintaining a streamlined experience and gorgeous design. 

Pre/intra/post-op video library

Your clients will now have access to “post-op procedures” videos that will assist them with aftercare and address all concerns.

Personalized Reminders

Everything from taking meds to changing dressings - all set as notifications sent directly to each patients' phone.


Meet Ecover


Ecover was founded by medical professionals, enterprise technology experts and mobile healthcare strategists. Our team has 10+ years of experience in all facets of patient care ranging from general health to elective plastic surgery. 


As a patient care disruptor in a technologically-connected world, we provide a three-dimensional experience of the necessary and expected offerings that every patient desires. Ecover comes from the belief that pre, intra, and post-op periods should be complemented by digital comfort and accessible communication/information.


Community Relations

We are a proud member of the GTCC. Ecover's founders have a strong belief that you have to give to the community before it gives to you. With both time and philanthropic donations, we have a strong commitment to a partnership with the chamber. 

Ecover was accepted into the Fall 2019 Accelerator Program. This esteemed accomplishment comes with a membership to the Global Accelerator Network and validation that both our technology & vision are both innovative and disruptive.

With technology moving at the speed of light, it is paramount to have an employee-centric culture be the foundation of any venture. We have a partnership with Formula Ink, a global consulting company, to provide EVERY Ecover employee with Agile certification training. This is unheard of for start-ups, but we leave no-doubt in our employees minds' that they are the first priority.

The Synapse Summit at Tampa's Amalie Arena is the the Bay Area's premiere annual Technology conference. February 11-12 of 2020, 6000+ attendees with join the two-day convention to experience startup through Fortune 500 companies showcase the next wave of innovation. 

Project Transition is Tampa's only 501c3 that hold's monthly workshops on MacDill AFB to assist transitioning veterans with valuable resume, LinkedIn, networking and interviewing techniques. Ecover's CEO, Ben Sever, in partnership with Formula Ink, created a Veteran Scholarship Program that subsidizes ongoing career coaching and Agile certification courses free of charge to veterans. 

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